How it started

As long as I have been playing the piano, and I can't remember a time when I couldn't, I have felt a thrill when I sat down at the bench and the music began to flow. There's really no other sensation that compares, and I wanted to share that joy with everybody. When the idea first came to me, I was about eight years old, and the immediate solution in my mind was to buy everybody I knew a piano so they could learn to play too. Of course that didn't happen, but the desire to share the music didn't go away, either.

As I grew older and gave the idea a little more thought, I realized that not everyone will take the time to learn to play an instrument, but everyone does take the time to listen to a little music at some point in most every day. That's where we have the opportunity to help.

What we do

The goal of the Sean VanMeter Foundation is to help people find the music that lives within us all.

Experiencing music live, in person, and in real time is the best way to do that. Foundation volunteers travel to schools, churches, and nursing / assisted living homes to share their musical talents with folks who have difficulties experiencing live music any other way.

In order to keep the memory of the music alive, we also leave CD's behind for anyone who wants one. Listening to the music again lets us relive the thrill of the moment.

When we have enough money and we meet someone desperate to learn to play, but unable to afford an instrument, we work to get something for them to play. Listening to someone else's music is great, but the ability to share your music with others is even better.

How you can help

We need your help. If you are a musician and want to share the wealth of your time and talents, we will certainly accept your offer and put you to work, whether it be as a musician or as an instructor. If you have instruments in working order that you no longer want or need, we'll take those, too. Second hand instruments are always welcome in someone's home. If you just want to make a cash donation, we'll take that too.